Swab Rig

Tiger General Swab Rig
with Tier 4 motor

Rig Features:

  • Direct Hydraulic Drive Rig
  • Four Wheel Drive with locking Differentials
  • 20,000 feet swabbing capability with 5/16" swedged sand/slick line
  • Average Swab Line Speed – 1,147 feet per minute
  • 42 foot derrick
  • Enclosed crown sheave to prevent splashing
  • 80 feet of high-pressure hard line
  • Fully tooled rig to perform basic swabbing and wire line work
  • Capable of standard swabbing to a tank or down the flow line to avoid gas release to the atmosphere
  • Winter package to aid cold weather starting
  • Tiger Vision with advanced logging for down hole and surface applications

Tiger Vision Electronic Depth and Load Sensing System

  • Tiger Vision is an exclusive, proprietary solid state computer system
  • Tiger Vision senses and reports depth in and out of well
  • Gross and net loads pulled in pounds
  • Computes and displays line speed
  • Indicates fluid locations
  • Two depthometer selectable horn sounds near top of well
  • Displays and streams data from swab master rig
  • Displays and streams engine functions data

Tiger General Swab Rig

Swab Rig interior

Tiger Vision screen shot