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Tasked with everything from individual projects to complete facility maintenance, SOS Well Services doesn’t take anything for granted. In fact, we have a reputation in the Industry for solving difficult problems. The overall performance and safety of a well depends on many factors. Give us a call to go over all your Roustabout needs.

General Roustabout Services

  • Wellhead hookups
  • Tank battery construction
  • Compressor installations
  • Gas cooler installations
  • Polyfuse projects
  • Location removals/ronsolidations
  • Wellsite maintenance
  • Plant/Facility maintenance
  • Shutdowns/Turnaround support
  • Welders
  • Hotshot services
  • Warehouse/Yard management
  • Pumping/Water treatment services
  • Trash cage rental/management
  • Cathodic installation

Pipeline Services

  • Anomaly digs / existing line maintenance
  • New install
  • Gathering station, maintenance
  • Abandonment/Removal of old lines and facilities
  • Sandblasting services

Project Management

  • Third-party management
  • Schedule compliance
  • Budget management
Toward a brighter future

Solar Panel Installations

SOS Energy Services division applies our same formula for Excellence to solar installation services in the Western United States.

  • Topsoil removal
  • Leveling/Grading of solar area
  • Road construction, including culverts and erosion prevention
  • Perimeter chain-link fence installation
  • Solar base and panel installation
  • Rotational motor and wiring installation
  • Tie-in to main power hub / distribution centern


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